Thursday, April 30, 2015


My drivers license expired and I didn't know it.
So here I sit at the DPS office waiting.
Everyone in this room is given an identity in the form of a number.
My number - A26.

I just sat down.
There is a TV screen flashing many different combinations.
In the world of A's - they are on A20.


Over an hour into this process.
Sitting and waiting for the robo-voice to call my number.
Waiting and waiting and waiting.
I am aware of the many different people around me.
I took my seat on the back row so I could see them all.
There are more men here than women.
There are a few kids - one in particular that cries a lot.

There is a deaf dude walking around passing out a card asking for donations.
I smile and wave and do not give - not because I don't want to, but because I gave my last $2 to a guy that asked me for money outside.
There are a few people talking on the phone.
So so loud.
If the one lady has any sort of medical trauma while here, we will all be able to give the paramedics her medical history because she is talking so incredibly loud.
The fella beside me is trying to pick up an extra shift at work.

Mother in front of me quizzing her kid on French vocabulary.
She is very encouraging.

Lady 3 rows up and 4 chairs over is a social worker.  She is here with a young lady that is trying to take her drivers license test.  Social worker is lovingly holding the most beautiful baby while the young woman takes her test.

There are lots of couples here.  Is this a date spot?  Why is my husband at work?

I wonder if I started singing if anyone would join me.

Besides breathing, I wonder what I have in common with all of these people.

I did run Into a mom from the school.
That is always good incase I need her to vouch for my whereabouts.

In my range of vision i have counted 17 people on their phone and 2 people on iPads.

There are 3 people here wearing sunglasses on their forehead.  I want to ask so badly if that doesn't bother them.

None of the women are wearing clothes that need to be pressed.
Tshirts and knit tops all around.

Young woman comes out to her social worker and they hug and make a sweet baby sandwich.  From what I gather, she just passed her drivers license test and this is going to make a great impact on her life with her baby.  Social worker over the moon with pride.

A different Young girl comes out with her permit and her mom hugs her and they laugh together.  The visual and social difference between the two young ladies that both came out filled with pride is almost ironic.

It is a true social experiment in this building.

I am only 1 away.

They are calling A25 again.
Maybe they skipped out and I will be called

A25 report to cube 11.

Hot damn, I am up.

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