Monday, April 6, 2015

Challenging Blog - I mean, Blogging Challenge

Jeff has a load of cousins.
And even though we have been married for 24 years, I haven't met the majority of them.  And oddly enough, neither has he.

But I have met Jeff's cousin, Dawn.
She is a lover of words.
And she likes to help people write.

And I am always curious about what she has going on.
So I read her stuff.

She is offering a 14-day blogging challenge.
And for some strange reason, I am compelled to participate.

I LOVE to write.
I am always driving around thinking of things I would like to blog about.
Not because I want people to know my business, but because I love putting my thoughts down and sending them on their way.

I am not the best writer.
I also don't really give a flip about proper grammar.
Surprisingly, I have quite a few friends that are grammar Nazi's.  My hope is that they teach me a little proper grammar while I teach them to lighten up a little.  (one can hope)

So here I go.
Gonna do the 14-day challenging blog.

Maybe it will set me free.
Maybe it will make my eye twitch.
Either way, I am up for the challenge.

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