Monday, December 1, 2008

Not This One

We took pictures on Sunday for our Christmas card. Everybody took a bath, combed their hair and brushed their teeth. I had my neighbor take this shot before we got in the car and headed to the Christmas tree farm where AJ took the 'real' pictures. We didn't choose this one for the card, but I had to share.

Look at my hair!!!! I am actually having a GOOD hair day in this picture! I know that sounds so vain, but I just love it SO much. Oh yeah, and the rest of the people look good too. But man-o-man, can you just not believe how nice my hair looks! :) Go ahead, click on the picture and zoom in - you know you wanna see that FAB hair do!

P.S. Thank you Ruth!


Heather and Stephen said...

what a great picture! and your hair DOES look great!!! I almost couldn't finish reading this I was laughing so hard at how pleased you are with your hair. W looks a little miffed at the whole mess. :)

Texicana said...

Ya'll look fabulous! I'm so happy baby is doing well.