Thursday, July 9, 2009

Follow Me

So we have a couple of friends that have new blogs. I mean really new blogs. They both have very young families and I enjoy seeing the pictures of the babies and reading the little ditties.

And then last night, I noticed that they both have over 20 followers. What! Huh? I've been doing this gig for over two years and I have TWO followers. TWO! How can it be?

And then after thinking about it all day long, I finally figured it out.

Duh. I don't have the follower gadget on my blog. What a goofball. How can I have any followers with the place to click!

So, here it is! Follow me.

Or I might cry.


christy said...

please don't cry, i'll follow you

bean said...

there's no family i would rather follow! y'all are the best!

Antoinette said...

I'm happy to say I am one of those first two followers! :)

I totally did not put the Followers widget on my blog b/c it seemed kind of braggish, but compared to the ease of the widget, it is a lot of work to follow someone's blog otherwise. So I added it to my blog today! Thanks for the tip, K.

Anonymous said...

Look! You're up to 5! I'm jealous .. :-)

Deanna B. said...

Hi Kathy,

I have been an anonymous follower. I just love reading your blog, and hearing all the stories. I always get so emotional after reading one of your heartfelt blogs, and hearing about how great the kids are and all the love y'all share!! Wish my family could be more like y'all.

Keep it up.
Deanna B.