Saturday, July 25, 2009

One Week

I have been taking tons and tons and tons of pictures. I have so many pictures that I love and want to share, but I really can't figure out where to begin.

So here I go with a brief and not complete recap of the last week.

We went bowling.

The kids got coupons in their report cards for one free game per week. So we just pay for the shoe rental. $12.60 for me and the four big kids. We all love it.

I wish we did it often enough so that we could get better.

We were all on SBW duty since I was sure that he'd get his fingers smashed. He sure did love those rows and rows of brightly colored balls.

I tried not to rub my score in too bad. Although #1 was sure he was gonna beat me!

Our very best babysitter got a summer job at the snow cone stand. We went up to visit her this week. The kids think it is a pretty cool job. Although they'd much rather her be hanging out at Barton Springs with them!

I ran the kids into Wal-Mart in June to take a quick picture and finally picked them up this week. I usually try to have one made at the beginning of each summer. They are all wearing wet swimsuits under their clothes. It was a spur of the moment decision that was made after swim practice. Not too shabby for a $7.99 portrait package and kids with wet hair, huh! Too bad it will take me years to get them all mailed out.

Our good buddy LJ came over and hung out with us on Thursday. The two babies had a blast playing with every toy in the house and all of the big kids were pooped by the time the day was over.

And finally, we are entering the world of having a one year old. It is so so so funny how you forget. SBW has started walking and is into EVERYTHING. We've made the living room his 'safe room'. He is SO much fun! We are all loving watching him grow and change.

And our poor old cat Marcellus just doesn't know what to think. He finally got to have some peace and now there is another baby banging on him! Good thing he is a laid back kitty!

In addition to walking, SBW has been trying very hard to fit his body into this little table. We all watched him try to squeeze himself on the the little shelf this evening. I just hope I've got the camera close by once he finally figures it out.

I hope to be back on a regular blogging schedule. Although this week is pretty packed with some very exciting stuff. I'm going with my girlfriends to a class reunion. Should be some very cool things to blog about!! Hopefully I'll have the camera close by to catch all of the action!

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becky said...

what an awesome portrait and with a great story!!