Thursday, September 17, 2009

Goodbye GL

My eyes are puffy tonight. Tomorrow is the last day of the Guiding Light and I am sad. I've have spent the last couple of nights watching a weeks worth of episodes. Although I hadn't watched the show in a handful of years, I cannot believe that it is over. I was screaming at the TV and JC all night long because my Springfield friends were coming out of the wood works.

Some of my earliest childhood memories include this television show. I can remember being in kindergarten and my mom watching the show. This is one of the only memories I have from our first family home. White bread (Sunbeam) sandwiches, koolaide, hair braids and the Guiding Light on the little black and white television.

I can remember being in junior high and high school and watching the Guiding Light during the summer. We had a giant console television. It was the years of love for Phillip, Rick, Mindy and Beth. They were the people that I SO wanted to be my friends.

After Jeff and I got married, I still watched. We'd put the video tape in the VCR so that I could watch once I got home from work. Oh that Roger - he kept me coming back.

When we had our first babies, I would put the kids down for nap and watch during my 'mommy break hour'. I would call on the phone to my best mommy buddy Val and we'd talk about the show and our babies.

As a young girl, I dreamed of being a Bauer. I wanted to be invited to their family July 4th picnic so bad that I couldn't stand it.

I kinda lost the show in the last few years. I was always checking out the soap opera magazine in the grocery line though. I knew that my Springfield family was always there and recognizable whenever I was ready to come back.

I am ready to come back now, and they are leaving. I just can't believe it.

For those of you that have never heard of or watched this soap opera, here is a little bit of information.

* Final episode on Friday, Sept. 18, 2009
* The series spanned 72 years
* More than 15,700 episodes on television and radio

Wow, I just never thought I'd see the day that Guiding Light would no longer be on television.

Thanks for the memories Maureen, Ed, Rick, Michelle, Danny, Phillip, Beth, Allan, Alexandra, Nola, Fletcher, Josh, Shane, Maura, Vanessa, Matt, Billy, Bill, Dinah, Bert, Jeffrey, Olivia, Blake, Holly, Frank, Buzz, Nadine, Harley, Gus, Daisy, Marina, Lizzie, James, Mallet, Mel, Roger, Lillian, Hart, Lujack, Kassie, Jeffrey, Edmond, Dylan, Bridget, HB and Reva Shayne Lewis Spaulding Lewis Cooper Lewis.

I'll never forget you guys!


becky said...

This was one of my mom's "mommy break hour" shows too over 50 yrs ago. I never really watched it but she used to tell me that one of the characters was a young Dr when I was a baby. A few years ago she told me that the same Dr had only aged a few years in my 40 plus years (at the time!). I wonder how many wives he'd been through? Kinda like an Erica Kane character. Gotta love those soaps!!!

Heather and Stephen said...

omg, I was about to cry on the final episode. I'm sure you were. Aunt Paulette got me watching one summer when I had to choose to watch GL with her and Kimberly or keep watching General Hospital in the back room by myself! GL is summer in San Benito for me. Riva + Josh = love 4ever!!

Melanie said...

oh, I loved it too! I used to watch this "story" with my grandma. very fond memories even though she usually fell asleep! ; )