Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Without Thinking

I did it.

I REALLY did it this time.

I was checking out the old facebook page tonight and noticed that our good friend had a stray kitten hanging in her garage.

At that very moment I sent her a message and within 10 minutes that kitten became ours.

I didn't ask JC.

I didn't talk to the kids.

I just did it.

I know it was a rash decision. and.i.don'!!!!!

We can't have a catless house. I can't STAND a catless house.

JC just smiled when I walked through the door. It was a half smile that can only be given by a man that has been married to me for almost 19 years and knows that I am sometimes a little bit nutty. (to say the least)

The boys woke up and were excited.

The girls don't know yet. Tomorrow morning when they have bed heads and sleepy eyes they will get a sweet surprise.

I am excited.

Fingers crossed that he uses the litter box that I just made for him. I can't wait until we can give him a name tomorrow.

I can't wait until he lays on my head while I am trying to sleep.

Welcome home kitty, I am looking forward to spending the next 15 years with you!


Austin Sarah said...

Now that's one lucky cat. How exciting!

christy said...

You are the best mama.

Heather and Stephen said...

Where are the pictures of the little kitty? Is it a cat or a kitten? What did y'all decide for a name?

Anonymous said...

wow .. i'm glad i'm not the only person on the planet that's spontaneous (aka impulsive.) david never knows what new family member we'll have when he comes home ..


Texicana said...

I feel you joy and pain. Lochie and Willow are 15-1/2. Willow is still young but Lochie is feeling her years. A catless house is just awful. I am tickled pink you have a wonderful new addition. What's the kitten's name?