Sunday, October 11, 2009

Family Fun

A few weeks ago, I took the four older kids to an Adidas soccer clinic. I was really pleased with how many new skill building tools the kids took away from the clinic. I was also pleased with the fact that three of them knew no one at the clinic, but they still got in there and participated. I am proud of Sam too because he was in with the teenage group where all of the kids were twice his size, but he didn't back down. I can feel that growth spurt coming soon for him. I just know that I am going to blink my eyes soon and find that he has turned into a young man. Let's just hope I don't cry about it and embarrass him too much!

Did I tell you that we once again have a 7 year old. How in the world did my sweet little one grow up so fast? He is changing a lot too. He looks bigger. He is very helpful and loves loves loves to learn. We were talking today about how we wish tomorrow could be a stay at home day. "Not me" he says, "I like school."

There are many many things that I love about my Jeff. Every single day he makes me smile and I have more and more reason to be thankful for him.

I really love that he loves our daughters and is not afraid to show them what a good husband and a good dad looks like. I love that he is not afraid to two-step with them when we go out honky-tonkin'. I also love that he shows our sons that it is okay to get up and take your girl for a spin around the dance floor.

And I love that he is willing to carry the sleeping baby during the long walk back to the car after he has been dancing all night! :)

Oh, and here is our sweet Oreo. Man, I forgot how much a kitten uses the kitty box. Geez, we hafta clean it! But it's okay though, cause we love him to death!


Heather and Stephen said...

Oreo's cute, and becoming a cat! #4 looks so grown, becoming a real big kid. Your girls are beautiful and your oldest is almost our age when we met. When I saw the second dancing pic I thought you were going to say soemthing about You and Jeff being as old as that couple in the photo! Some days I feel not too far from it! Geez...where does the time go?!

christy said...

I was thinking, just this morning, about dads and daughters. It's so important for dad's to show affection to their daughters. Ya'll are the awesomest parents. I am so glad you are raising a large family. It somewhow cancels out those bad parents ;)