Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pumpkin Time

I took the kids to get our pumpkins last week.

As always, they had a great time walking through the rows and rows of pumpkins trying to pick out just the right one.

We were glad to see that our favorite pumpkin patch is still full of crazy Halloween decorations. I asked the older couple that owns the business how many batteries they go through each Halloween and was shocked to hear they spend over $600 on battieries alone. Wow! They also said they buy 5,000 lollipops and 10,000 Smarties. And wow and wow.

We are always happy to visit the giant talking jack-o-lantern. All of our big kids visited this pumpkin patch for a field trip when they were in kindergarten. It is kind of a family tradition now.

Not only did we get a great pumpkin, but I think Santa got a Christmas idea.

I had a great time watching the kids enjoy the hay maze. When they were little the would run through the maze, now they run on top of the maze! :)

I love this time of year!


Heather and Stephen said...

Great pictures of the kids! and those people should get some rechargeable batteries! :) LOVE me some smarties!!

Madre said...

wow. that looks like so much fun! where is this punkin' patch?