Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Breakfast of Champions...NOT.

For a handful of years, I have been reading the NieNie Dialogues. Every Monday (I think), NieNie poses a question to her millions of followers and asks us to respond by making a blog post and linking on BlogHer. I have answered the BlogHer question a handful of times and have linked my response back to her BlogHer page on more than one occasion. (Cause I think it is fun.)

This was Monday's questions:
What did you eat for breakfast this morning?

And just like that, the can of worms was opened. Oh, I mean one of my many cans of worms was opened.

I have been thinking about his dumb question for the last 48 hours. Dumb question - why ya gonna go and make me examine myself? Grrrr....

So here is the answer, in big fat color for all of the world to see.

(Gallons of soda. I ain't proud.)

I use to take pride in the fact that I would get my morning coke as soon as I dropped the kids off at school. No harm, no foul - the kids don't know cause they are at school. Sadly, Sweet Baby Wyatt has been taking sips of my coke for as long as I can remember. Now when I go to get my morning coke, I usually get him an apple juice slushie.

And truthfully, the big kids aren't stoopid and they know that I should just go ahead and get a coke (ca-cola) IV. Terrible. I know.

You might wonder how I can afford this coke (ca-cola) addiction. Well, my FRIENDS at Sonic (yes, I go there enough that they know me) save survey receipts for me and they are good for one free Route 44. I rarely pay for this habit. Except for Tuesday and Thursday when I am buying the little one his slushie. And if I need to purchase a Sonic soda, I go in the afternoon during Happy Hour and get one for half price ($1.07).

Why can't I stop? No will-power, I suppose. I know that if I stop, I'm bound to lose some weight.
I have been rationalizing this problem by saying clever things like 'this is my coffee'. Everyone walks around with a Starbucks cup in their hand. How come the coffee folks aren't frowned upon like me carrying around this giant Route 44 Sonic coke?

And I was thinking about our parents. Kinda funny that I have no memory of the older generation walking around with a cup in their hand. Tons of parents take their kids to school with a coffee, water or other beverage in hand. When did we become this beverage obsessed world? Although I do remember the giant metal thermos with the small plastic cup lid. So maybe they were carrying around a drink all of the time and I just don't remember.

I have got to get a hold of myself and break myself free from the grip that the coke (ca-cola) has on me.

But how?
Is there enough Tylenol in the world to help me for when the terrible caffeine headache arrives? And should I plan to quit during PMS so that our family doesn't suffer a double dose of freak mommy in one month?

I guess I should just get a coke and think it over.


And you know what I remembered when I was in the school pick-up line just now? Back in the day, it wasn't uncommon for a mom to have a can of coke, smoke and Butterfinger for breakfast. Ya know, in the trailer park. Now that's a Texas lady for ya.

Oh, and how 'bout that Heather just sent me a text pointing out that kids didn't carry water bottles around all day either. I know that our kids don't go anywhere without one.

I think my grandpoppy would've thought I was crazy if I told him I was going to pay a few bucks for a coffee. He'd make fun of me if I came home with some sort of smoothie that I PAID money for. And I am certain that he'd never dream that I'd be buying 44ozs. of Coke-Cola at a time at the Sonic. My, my. How things change.


Antoinette said...

I have been known to sneak in my own breakfast vice when no one is looking: chips. But the crinkle of the bag always gives me away. If it explains anything, I believe in re-using as often as possible, and I have 3 plastic Starbucks cups that I use for my home-brewed coffee over and over again. I'm certain you'll kick your addiction when you're ready!

becky said...

and how bout that all the hand sanitizer and antibiotics we use now are creating a line of "super bugs" that we will have no defense against! So drink your coke if it makes you happy....somethin else is gonna get ya! Wa wa!

Amy J. said...

I'll quit my Starbucks addiction when you quit your Coke (a-cola) addiction. Wait.... no, I probably won't.