Friday, September 17, 2010

No Recall on These Tears

Yesterday I cried.

Yesterday I cried in front of a stranger.

Yesterday I cried the ugly cry in front of a stranger that was shocked and had no idea how to handle me.

Last weekend we started cleaning out the garage and we decided it was time to get rid of our baby crib. I knew it was time. I think Wyatt might have slept in it ONCE in his whole two years.

(Sweet Baby Wyatt - 1 month old)

We bought that crib about this time 14 years ago. All four of our big kids slept in that crib every single night until a new baby came along and kicked them out.

We have been saving it in case we have another baby.

(Jena - 5 months old)

We have been saving it in case our kids want to use it for their babies.

I listed it on craigslist last week. We only had one inquiry and it turned out to be a scammer.

So Wyatt and I took it to the resale shop just up the street.

(Wyatt helping to haul the crib into the store.)

I was shocked. Not only did they willingly give me a very nice check for both the crib and the less than two year old mattress, but they also pointed out that ours was one of the very few drop side cribs that isn't on the giant recall list. Wow wee!

So I get the darn crib unloaded. Carry the crib, the mattress and the baby into the store and the gal begins to write me a check. She wasn't really poking around, but it sure seemed to me like she was taking her own sweet time. Ya know, things kinda go in slow motion when you are trying to hold back the flood gates.

(Our crib has been put into a corner.)

Before she could sign the check, the water works started. The full on ugly cry. She tried to comfort me and remind me that the crib would really be helping a family that needs one. She signed her name quickly because she realized it was only going to get worse.

I drove away bawling my eyeballs out. Our crib is gone.

Maybe if she had tried to comfort me by telling me that I am taking the first important steps to not being on the Hoarders program I would have felt a little better.

Oh, and just cause we got rid of our crib doesn't mean that we won't welcome another baby. So if you are reading this and know me in real life, don't assume that another baby was an 'accident' or 'unplanned' or 'unwanted'. Cause if you do, I might just hafta punch you in the belly. Besides, if we are lucky enough to have #6, I'll most certainly never put him/her down.

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