Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snow Day

We've had crazy weather around this place lately. Last Sunday it was almost 80 and we spent the whole day outside.

Friday morning it was 18 degrees and we had a good inch of snow. And we had a REAL snow day!

The kids were up by 5:30am. We really enjoyed playing in the snow in the dark while it was still and quiet outside. All of the snow was fresh. It was beautiful.

The kids all had a great time sledding down all of the big hills in the neighborhood. I had a great time watching them. It was fun to be out and walking around in the the snow with Jeff. Reminded me a lot of being younger and playing in the Lake Tahoe snow. Oh except it wasn't vacation or Lake Tahoe and there were loads of kids around this time.

Lots of snow was still around yesterday morning, but gone by the afternoon.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will snow again tomorrow. I'd love have a 4 day snow weekend with the two days in the middle warm and sunny!

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