Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This Kid

Sometimes I am pretty hard on this kid. This kid is the first one. The one that taught me about this love. The one that is the guinea pig.

I sometimes close my eyes and pretend that this kid is a baby again. I sometimes pretend that I am holding him.

I enjoy this kid. He is fun to talk to.

He is changing. Growing up. He is pretty serious and pretty thoughtful and pretty funny.

He had a project for school a few months ago. In his English class they were suppose to bring a book/a song/a piece of art that represented them or was something that meant something to them.

Like always, I didn't know about the project beforehand. This kid just does his stuff and we don't know about it most of the time.

He took the book I Love You Forever. I am not exactly sure what his oral presentation was, but I do know that his male teacher said that it was one of the most moving presentations he had ever heard.

Sometimes when I look at this kid I am overwhelmed with emotion and have to keep myself from crying.

I get the feeling that sometimes this kid wishes he could be held and rocked just one more time too.

I am so proud of this kid.

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Amy J. said...

That is one awesome kid. Love him. And his brothers and sisters. And his Momma and Daddy too.