Monday, March 21, 2011

20 + 1 + 3

(hrlb captures our time)

20 years ago, we got married.
21 years ago + 3 days, we had our first kiss.

What is in a number? I have been thinking about that a lot lately. Here are some of the things in our number.

7331 days
20 years, 26 days
8 pregnancies
5 Carrs
9 houses
5 grandparents that have died
1 parent that died
2,460 miles driving the length of I10
19 states traveled
1 country visited (if mexico counts)
1 car on fire
7 Rush concerts
3 dogs
5 cats
8 cars

But what is really in a number?
I don't know. 20 years.
We have dishes to wash.
We have bills to pay.
And we have love.
We have clothes to wash.
We don't own a home.
Everyday there is some stress.
And we have love.
So far we have won.
We are beating the odds.
I have never been a person that wins at anything.
We have friendship.
We have trust.
We find humor.
And we have love.

I feel in my bones that we will be married forever.
I can't imagine this love going away.
20 is just a number.
And we still have love.

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