Thursday, November 14, 2013

Out of my system

Got the stomach shakes in Walmart today complete with the wandering around aimlessly.
The whole situation made me feel panicked.

It happens every year on this day.
The first day that I attempt to wrap my head around what we might get our kids for Christmas.

My plan (as always) was to put it on layaway today.
That way I will have 3 paychecks to divvy up before the get out day.

I kinda knew that today wouldn't be successful.  It never is.
So the good news is, I've gotten the initial freak out over with and the next time I can just come in with a clear head and get it done.

I love Christmas.

In other news...I pulled over in the vacant Rooms to Go parking lot.
Seems like a handful of others had the same thought of pulling over and eating or spending time on the phone.
Too bad that I keep breaking my neck to try and get a peek in the two vehicles that have more than one person in them.
It just seems shady in a Young and the Restless kinda way.

I mean, I guess Jeff and I could meet in a vacant parking lot and eat lunch in one of our cars, right?
Maybe they are keeping the spark lit.
And what is with me that I want to look over there so bad.
Shame on me.


Anyhow, back to real life now.

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