Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Box Time!

Well, I guess the word is out! We are moving again. Funny that we were in the same place for 9 years and now somehow we are managing to move two times in a little over a year. Whew. I hope to not move again for a long long long time!

We are moving into the neighborhood where our kids go to school. This is going to be so so so great for our family. The kids will be able to walk to school. Our backyard opens up to the beautiful Austin greenbelt. We will be able to participate in carpools for all of the various sporting events. And our house is surrounded by friends on every side and around every corner!!!

One of the things the kids enjoy the most about moving is gathering boxes. We make lots of trips to the liquor store to grab up the cardboard gold! We love to pile as many as possible in the car with the kids still in it. You might notice in the first picture that there are four hands - that is #2, #3, #4 (in car seat) and #3's bff. In this last picture, #1 was trying really hard not to be seen!

So pray for me, send good thoughts our way or do whatever you do for good juju, because JC and I have got to get the whole house packed up and ready to roll in 9 days - and I decided to wait until after Christmas to get started. :)


Heather and Stephen said...

I'm excited for the new adventure for all of you! :)

Wilson World said...

Hope the transition went well for you guys. Our cousin, Cody and her family are going to be making a big move in the very near future out here to Texas!! She will only be about 30 minutes up the road from me. Hope you guys are settlin' in there.

Take Care, Niecie