Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Little Elfie

The big kids had their annual Christmas program at school last Thursday. The theme was a tribute of sorts to 'Elf-is'. It was a really really great fun show.

Our kids did not have any speaking or character roles, but they did an outstanding job as chorus elves. #2 really wanted to have a larger part in the production. We even spoke to the music teacher about it. The music teacher told us that there are many many important parts that are not on the stage - for instance, a set creator. As a result of that conversation, all four of our kids worked in the afternoons with the art teacher to create the most wonderful backdrops! They came up with the design, it was blown up and traced onto sheets, and then they all painted them. The grown-ups had very little to do with the actual painting. I was amazed to see this all come together and how they all worked so well together. The art teacher also told our kids that artist must sign their work - so she let them put their names on the stockings!

Also, I am so proud of the elf costumes. The girls made theirs basically by themselves. #2 went over to her girlfriend's house for a costume making party and then we just followed the same plan for #3's costume. The boys just wanted t-shirts that said Elf. I did write on the sleeves 'Samta' and 'Miles Claus' to make them a little more jazzy.

Am I a little proud of these kids or what???

P.S. Also, most of you know that #4 doesn't go to big kid school yet. But he did have a costume, painted the backdrops and even knew the words to most of the songs!


Heather and Stephen said...

Very cool! Been missing your blog posts. I worked on a lot of sets at AHS! :)

Amy J. said...

I was wondering through that whole post how #4 was able to participate! That's wonderful that the school included him! They're so cute, I'm proud too!