Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Goes Around

I am constantly aware of how the world never stops. No matter what is happening in my day, life is still happening everywhere! I witnessed a few interesting things yesterday and I thought I'd share.

I had a little bit of free time yesterday morning, but not quite enough to head back to the house before I needed to pick up #4 from preschool. So I was driving around wondering where I could go to get a few things done (like address Christmas cards). So I headed to the Whataburger. I needed to grab something small to eat and thought it'd be a nice place to sit. It was about 11:45 and boy-o-boy was I surprised when I walked in. There was a line to the door for ordering and EVERY table in the joint was filled. On a TUESDAY!!! Who knew. I waited through the line to order my food and despite the packed house, I said it was for dine in. Well, my food was ready before a table - so I just kinda waited for one to come free. Unfortunately my plan of a leisurely lunch didn't quite work out cause I felt like I needed to shove my food down my throat to free the table for the next person!

So I leave the Whataburger and start driving. I have no idea where I can go and sit down in the quiet and get some things done. And then I pass the main library. That's it! I'll go to the library.

Here are the things I noticed about the main downtown branch of the Austin Public Library...
* Who knew you had to pay a meter to park in the library parking lot. Hmmm...
* Lot's of homeless people hanging out inside.
* Many many many people using the free computers. I walked around the computer area a few times and was surprised to see how many people were playing games or typing on myspace during their one hour of free computer time. Some were looking at the internet and some were typing emails - but most were just kind of messing around. And, there was a pretty long list of people that were waiting for their name to be called so that they could have their one free hour.
* If you can find an empty table and chair, it is a very nice and quiet place to go and get things done.

All in all, it was a very successful use of free time. And I experienced two places that I don't generally see and learned a little something in the process!

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