Thursday, October 23, 2008


Tonight we were driving down the road on the way to soccer practice when we spotted a little fuzzball walking in the middle of Robert E. Lee. There were cars behind us and cars ahead of us. The cars coming toward us were kinda slowing down and moving over a little. I stopped. J got out of the car and called for the sweet little dog and the dog ran right up to her and hopped into our car!

We called the number on the tag - it was the vet. They referred us to the owner. Turns out that the sweet little fuzzball belongs to an older man named Bruce. He didn't know that his beloved Foxy had gotten out. She is the sweetest little dog that was SO calm and not scared at all. She just about licked the kids to death and even got into the carseat with my SBW.

After soccer practice we took her home. Of course, the kids wanted to keep her a little bit longer. Bruce met us at the end of the driveway. Then he had to indulge us and let us walk back down the drive so that M could hold her part of the time and J could hold her part of the time. Bruce was extremely thankful. More than you can even know. When we were driving away, he was crying.

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christy said...

What a sweet story.