Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween 2008

What a PERFECT night! For the first time in many many years, we stayed in our neighborhood to trick or treat. Being that this was our first holiday in this 'hood, we didn't really know what to expect.

Our friends started arriving around 5pm and we headed out the door around 6:45. This year we had the following cast of characters...

The Gorilla

The Hippie (wearing a vest from when I was a kid)

The USA Cheerleader

The Werewolf

And the sweet little 2 month old Pumpkin

Everyone had a blast and I could have easily taken 8 gillion pictures of them all because I thought their costumes turned out so great!

Fred and Wilma even made a guest appearance. Jeff and I usually dress up, but this was the best we could do this year. It'd actually be a great Christmas card picture - oh, except for the fact that you can't see everyone's face!

And the very best part of the night, the annual tradition of the candy swap. This year's trade was crazy because our neighborhood didn't give out any of the cheap yucky candies.

All of the kids went to bed with bellies full of candy and great great feelings in their hearts. It really was a perfect night.


Heather and Stephen said...

Everyone looks great! And I can only imagine that KC, JC, SC and MC are grinning ear to ear behind their masks! :)
Always love the candy swap.

Greg's Wife said...

OMW, I am seriously AFRAID of that werewolf!