Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Six

Our baby boy turned six on Sept. 26.
six. Six. SIX!!!!! Oh my - SIX ALREADY.

After a long and tiring day at ACL, we came home and had our traditional family party. The kids were all very excited about the gifts that they gave him. We had a very special family time.

Last Sunday, Oct. 5, we had M's birthday party. Their were 21 kids here - not counting our own. He had a tough time deciding on a theme - so I told him he didn't have to chose just one. He had Cars invitations and a yummy Cars cupcake cake on top of a Spongebob table cloth.

M chose a gigantic Hulk pinata that he probably could have fit in. It seems like it took forever to break it down and get to the candy.

And then there was the Spiderman, Batman, Power Ranger bounce house. M bounced all day - from the moment JC set it up until the time it was taken down. S bounced so much that he had a headache and had to go to bed. Somehow our family always gets our money from the bounce house rental.

All in all, the six year old has had a great coupla weeks. Full of love, birthday hugs, family and friends to celebrate with and oh yeah, don't forget the gifts. What a great great time.