Thursday, October 16, 2008

Saved by the Bell

JC and I went to Sam's parent teacher conference today. Up on the overhead were three pieces that Sam has written this year. I felt very proud and overcome with emotion when I was reading the first two. I really had to hold back the tears when I was reading the third one. Thank God the fire alarm went off or else I would have sat in that desk crying my eyeballs out while JC and the teacher looked on wondering if I've finally completely lost it!

September Greenbelt Almanac
I see an empty creek. Trees to the left and right of me. Ahead, empty woods, behind, empty woods. Everything is empty except the wildlife that surrounds me. I am trapped between a wall of stone and trees. I hear birds everywhere. There are also cicadas.
The are so many shades of green I can't believe it. Light, dark, faded, it's amazing.
Everywhere I look there are bushes. Even sprouting out of the rock, blowing in the breeze. The cool breeze.
Above me soars a hawk. Gliding in circles. But nothing else is in the light blue sky except the bright sun.
I see the only flowers in sight. Yellow ones with about 12 leaves on each stem. There are only 2 bushes of them as far as I can see. They're beautiful.

October Greenbelt
As I sit, writing this, I hear a bird, it's a crow echoing against the huge rock wall to my back. To my front, a sea of green, all green, nothing but.
As I stand, I stand on a slab of rock, the sun reflecting its yellow rays out of the clear blue sky on it.
Just then, the smooth breeze blew and quietly but at the same time loudly, moved the sea of green, making a hush rustling sound. As if someone had been crumpling paper. It did it again, and again. It is as if that cool breeze is what moves us. What makes us think. I like it.
People are starting to get up and talk which makes me think our time is over. But it never is.

My Dad
My dad is the best dad ever. He is 40 years old. His name is Jeff Carr.
My dad plays softball on a team named Cupcakes and Blood. He also coaches my little brother's soccer team and my little sister's basketball team. He still finds time to help my youngest sister and me practice. He is very active.
He's really nice to me. If I need help with anything, he helps me with it. He always plays games with me if he is not too busy. And he's a great cook. My favorite meal he cooks is spaghetti and meat sauce. He always makes jokes and helps me realize thinks I could do better, both in sports and in life. Plus, he always takes all my family on vacations (99.99% of the time it's a road trip) about twice a month.
Once he drove us all the way to California and back. We stopped at The Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam and a few other places of interest too. One time he drove us on Route 66 all the way to Chicago.
My dad is awesome.


Heather and Stephen said...

that is so cool. I can't believe how grown up he is. :) (and did you have his permission to publish?!) ;)

Amy J. said...

Oh, that Sam. What a super great, smart, wonderful kid. You know, his writings are a testament to you and JC and how you parent your kids: to love nature, the outdoors, the world around them, their family...and the fact that he loves books is what makes him such a great writer. Good job, Sam, and good job Mom and Dad!

Greg's Wife said...

Wow. What a great little writer! And the one about dad- well that's just too much!