Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Yes ladies and gentlemen, it is that time!

The Austin City Limits Music Festival is upon us and I am so dang excited.

Our city is decorated with ACL billboards like ornaments on the Christmas tree.

And it makes me feel like at kid at Christmas.

I was out working on a school project with a few lady friends Monday night and all the ladies were talking about the festival this year. One of the gals mentioned this article that was in the newspaper.

I was laughing at myself this morning, because when I read the article yesterday, it kind of irritated me.

And then I had to remind myself that as long as their are women having babies and families raising children, there will be someone waiting to criticize them and offer a better way to do things.

I know lots of people roll their perfect eyes at the fact that we mostly take our kids to the festival all three days. Our general rule for all things during this time of our life is that we all roll together. We've got some common sense though. Last year when it was pouring, we let the Sweet Baby and Miles stay with our dear and trusted friend.

And the year before last, Wyatt was only a few weeks old and he was having a rocking good time at the festival.

And can you even imagine that when he was hungry, I fed him?

And you know, babies and kids need naps and those naps can only be taken at home.

And gosh, everyone knows it is just too loud for babies to attend a music festival. It is very very dangerous for their young ears.

And and there is NO WAY that a baby could actually have fun at one of these things.

We make a point to make sure that our kids are OUR responsibility and that they have great festival manners.

So for all of you out there that wanna poo-poo us for having an incredible time with our kids at one of the most outstanding festivals in the country, try thinking about your own festival manners.

I have seen way more adults act like idiots than kids. (And yes, I know that is a grown up choice.) But being drunk is never an excuse for having bad manners. NEVER. So when you are drunk and falling on me, I'll turn to my kids and remind them that YOU (not them) are the perfect example of bad manners.

And when you are SOBER and walking right across our blanket and knocking my $27 coke over, I'll turn to our kids and remind them that only assholes do idiot things like that without saying sorry.

So maybe the article should have said something along the lines of 'bring your kids and make them behave.' (What a concept.) And if you don't have control of your spoiled freak kid, then leave, or get a babysitter, or call grandma or whatever you need to do to keep the other 59,999 folks from being bothered by YOU. (And please notice that I put being bothered by YOU. Yes YOU. It is YOUR reponsibility to make sure that your kid does the right thing. NOT your child's responsibility.)

And if you are a grown-up acting a fool, you will be used as an example of how not to act when you are grown. See...ACL is actually a learning opportunity!!

And oh, I am still so so so excited!!! :)

Okay, I'll step off my box now.


Antoinette said...

Good for you. Hope you have a great time. I am going to hunker down in my house all weekend to avoid the traffic and insane number of people, and remember the good ol' days when ACL was just a TV show. Ha!

Texicana said...

I LOVE this post. It's wonderful that you slept on the article for a night so your retort could be well thought out and humorously sarcastic. Loved the photos too.