Tuesday, October 5, 2010


(Correctly guess which one of these country folk sent me the message and you might win a prize!)

I often send my real life friends text messages with 'Not Suitable For FaceBook Status' updates. They are usually pretty funny, sometimes disgusting and always MY VIEW of the world around me.

Most of the time, I don't think these thoughts and observations are suitable for Facebook because I don't want to get involved in opinionated conversations with people I barely know that I have to be friends with on Facebook. And I certainly don't want my crazy Republican friends to have to cross paths with my crazy Democrat friends. Geez, it'd be like keeping the crazy drunk uncle away from the Bible thumping aunt.

So here is my NSFFBS for today:
I love old friends. Got a message from one today and it said:
'I hope you have registered to vote. And I hope I don't have to tell you who to vote for.'

Ah, I love my home people.

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