Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Sunday Kind of Love

I have spent the better part of the last coupla days complaining. Complaining because I am tired of waiting until payday. Complaining because I want the house to be cleaned. And complaining because stoopid sports has splooged into our Sunday and as a result, we have three games today. THREE GAMES. ON OUR SUNDAY. Say what? Say what say what?

I don't want to go to games on Sunday.

I don't want to eat the crappy groceries in the pantry.

I don't want to wash clothes.

Boy, am I am complainer, or what?

And then this morning, I realized it isn't all that bad.

Less than 24 hours til payday! WOO HOO!!

(Jeff working from home again. I guess things could be worse!)

I watched one of my favorite movies (The Family Stone) with the girls this morning. We had the windows open and were all laying on the couch just having the most perfect morning!

(Jena is a bathroom pro.)

Everyone has helped to do the house work and all of our primary living area are clean! Yippee!!

(It makes me so happy when Ella dusts for me.)

It is perfect weather to have all of the windows open!

(And this is how Ella picks up the toys behind the couch.)

The boys have been having a great morning playing together.

(Sam and Miles playing chest, while Wyatt looks on.)

And maybe this Sunday isn't so bad afterall.

(Another perfect day to enjoy a good book outside.)

I think I might actually enjoy sitting on the field in the perfect weather watching our kids have fun with their friends.

I just hope I have time to get a coke on the way.

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