Thursday, October 14, 2010

What makes me so LUCKY?

A friend asked me on Monday, WHAT MAKES YOU LUCKY?

I've been thinking about this. A lot.
There are the standard responses. My husband. My kids. My home. My health.
blah blah blah
I feel like people answer that question without gusto. Without full understanding. Without heart.
(cause you know, i know everything and i'm so perfect)
For me, this really is a loaded question.
I know that things could have turned out so so so differently.
I know that the love that I have is nothing short of a miracle.

I say it everyday.


I am lucky because I know to make sure our kids know they are loved.

I am lucky because I really appreciate my person, my soul mate, life partner, lover and friend. And I am always thankful - even when i'm not.

I am lucky because I am trying hard to remind myself not to take people for granted.

I am lucky because I KNOW that the dishes don't come before the people.

I am lucky because I try hard to know the value of my friends and to let them know on a regular basis that I APPRECIATE THEM.

I am lucky, because if my life didn't start out the way that it did, I would never never know how lucky I am.

I know it in my heart.

I feel it oozing out of my pores.


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