Saturday, July 23, 2011

Call Me Crazy

Our kids have been selling lots of lemonade this summer.

They make the lemonade from Country Time powder, load their stuff in the car and I drive them down to sit on the corner for hours.

Jena loves to do it and would sell every single day if I would let her.

All of this lemonade selling kinda makes us stick out like a sore thumb in the neighborhood.
(maybe i exagerrate a bit)

Our kids are the only kids that aren't selling and donating their profits to the homeless, the animal shelter, the save the schools campaign or the school library.

They are selling lemonade because they want money.

We don't give our kids allowance.

If they want money, they need to earn it.

When did it become wrong to work for your money?

I was pretending to be a customer at the lemonade stand this afternoon.
A lady asked the girls if it was fresh squeezed (um, no) and what they were raising money for.

Jena's answer - 'summer'.

Call me crazy, but is it so wrong for kids to pony up their own money for ice cream, sno beach, chewing gum and movies? And to sweat a little in the process.

We don't have grandparents that send us loads of birthday money. You aren't getting money for doing the jobs that you are suppose to be doing to contribute to our home. You aren't getting money for grades.

I guess our kids could say they are selling lemonade to help needy children.
It wouldn't be a lie.

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Heather and Stephen said...

"summer". That's awesome! :)