Monday, June 11, 2007

Bad Dreams

So my best buddy has a nightly adventures blog. I read it religiously. It is funny how a dream can make you feel. We were in a cabin with friends the other night and I woke up because one of the friends had gotten up. I asked her the next morning if she was okay - I was kinda of worried that she might have gotten up cause I was snoring too much. She said that she was up because she had a nightmare. Horrible nightmare where people were murdered and she was one of them.

Why do we have these dreams?

I am forever having bad dreams. When I was younger I had them almost nightly and it would leave the bad feeling with me ALL day long. Lately I do not have them as often, but they are with the same intense emotion. Why?

Last night in my dream we were at a party with some friends (parents from the kids preschool). We walk in and all of our preschool parent friends were already there. We say hi and the host says hello Susan and Bob. I lost it! I told her that it wasn't our name and that we had helped them and been friends with them for years and they still do not know our name. I went into this long speech about being worth more than what I was being given. All of the people we know from the preschool circle were there and looking at me. Jeff was just standing beside me holding on to me. I was screaming about how I had driven all of their kids all over the planet and how they still couldn't remember my name. The host of the party wasn't someone that I see very often anymore, but I still woke up this morning feeling a little rattled about it.

What causes this? I can't be what I ate for dinner, cause I didn't eat anything. Before I went to bed I watched the Sopranos finale - but I don't think that caused it. Sometimes what sucks most about the dreams that I have is that it is has to do with real people and things that could really happen.


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HeatherRene said...

I'm convinced it is our subconcious minds working out what we can't work out when we are awake. I am guessing that on some level you feel taken for granted.
My dreams are freaky weird, but I can usually associate them somehow. I am VERY excited but nervous about seeing Lil T and I dream about it all the time.