Monday, June 11, 2007

South Padre

Well, seems like forever ago since I last made a post. So instead of going into all of the details of our AWESOME South Padre Island trip, I am posting a few of my favorite pictures. We had a great great time. It is always so nice when we can circle the Carr wagons and have some time with just the six of us. I know that we are making memories that our kids will carry with them for a long long time. They won't remember the specifics, but they will remember the love and the fun. Ok - I realize that I am getting too sappy...

You know - no matter where we go (or how many clothes we are wearing), I've gotta get a family picture. I really love this one! And you'll notice that we had Canella and Louise at the beach the whole time. Surprisingly, both of the dogs seemed to enjoy their first trip to the beach. And the kids loved having them there because they were like rock stars. :)

I am so grateful to have such a loving family!

This picture was taken at about 8am on Saturday morning. The kids wanted to be in the water every possible second. I am standing on the bottom step of the hotel deck taking this picture. The tide was so high that you literally walked down the steps into the water. It was SO beautiful.

We will definately go back to SPI. It was a wonderful weekend!

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HeatherRene said...

A few comments:
1. Thank you for posting. I've decided not to gripe at people for not posting anymore. People have lives and I gotta get over it.
2. I seriously teared up at the pic of just the kids. They look like teenagers!
3. HAHAHA! That Louise is TOO CUTE and Canella looks giant!
4. Looks like so much fun! and did you get a new suit? I like it!