Tuesday, July 8, 2008

July 4th

You might remember from my blog post last year, that July 4th is one of my VERY favorite days of the year.

This year was no different. We stayed up way past mid-night on the 3rd getting the bikes decorated for the neighborhood parade and tie-dying our family t-shirts. The kids were all up and ready by 7:30 that morning to get going to the parade!

JC rode his bike with them and I sat on the side and cheered as everyone went past.

Our friend Sara Hickman was the parade grand marshall. She was singing patriotic songs on the loud speaker. When her boat pasted me on the street, she announced over the load speak 'Hey look everybody, it's my friend Kathy Carr. She is expecting her 27th baby and she is only 22!' We all got a good laugh at that! :)

Here comes my family. Woo hoo. Yeah!

Our t-shirts didn't turn out too bad. It was so so so sad that the blue dye ran down the sink before we were able to use it. We were all a little bit disappointed.

Our family LOVES the boccie ball.

After our neighborhood festivities, we were invited to a pool party at the home of S's good friend. It was a ton of fun.
I chose this pic. of S cause it looks like he is walking across the water.

And look at all of my bathing beauties!

That evening, we went to our friend Tamara's house for hots dogs on the grill. We had a very very nice time just hanging out and catching up over some yummy 4th food! After we finished dinner, we headed back to the school to watch the fireworks. What a crummy idea. A few folks had told us that you could see them from the playground. Lots of people showed up there - but you could barely see anything. It's okay though, cause we all still had a great time.

Annual photo of me and kids on 4th.

Yearly pic. of dad and kids.

Back to Tamara's house for a little firework fun ourselves.

I was so frustrated at the lame firework viewing that I forgot to ask someone to take our family picture. Pretty cool that JC figured out how to work the timer on the camera. Now we can do it ourselves!

And one last popper for the kids before we all hit the hay.

I love America and I am so thankful everyday for our freedom. What a great great great place to live!

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Heather and Stephen said...

GREAT pictures. Had me tearing up a little at all these posts of bathing suited swimmers! It is 60 degrees here today. phooey.
I love the 4th pic of the family, and with mom and dad. everyone has sun kissed cheeks!