Tuesday, July 8, 2008

July 8

JC took off of work today and we took the kids to Splashtown in San Antonio. We typically choose Splashtown over Schlitterbahn because all four kids can ride all of the rides, there usually aren't long lines, and they always seem to have great coupons.
Of course we get there and the sky looks like it is going to fall out. We went ahead and paid to go in and made our way to the big wave pool.
At this point it is already raining and lots of people are leaving.

They have made an announcement that the big water slides are closed, but we notice that there are still a few that are letting people go down. So JC and the kids race to get their tubes and head to the top.
The first two down are J and E.

Followed by S.

And here comes M on his very first big water slide by himself.

And last but not least, here comes JC.

They all grab their tubes and race back to the top - at this point it is pouring.

Shortly after heading back to the top of the slide, the park closes and gives free tickets to all of the folks that are left. SCORE for us! We get to come back again!

On the way home, we decided to stop in San Marcos and check out the San Marcos river. As you can tell, it was really flowin'! Looks like the hard rain must've hit San Marcos too because the tube rental places were all closed down and most people were standing on the river banks watching the water.

And how odd that I want to put a picture of myself in a swimsuit on the blog...but there are two reason for this pic...1. I love the swimsuit that JC bought me for Mother's Day. and 2. Good Lord - I didn't realize that my baby belly is that big. Holy cow.

Then my sweet JC treated us to a yummy yummy lunch at Herbert's Taco Hut. One of my very favorite Mexican food places. We ate there a lot when we lived in San Marcos and have made trips back to eat there during all three of the Austin pregnancies. What a yummy delicious treat!

Once we left Herbert's, we stopped by the Paper Bear to do some browsing. This store is without question one of my very favorites. Jeff and the kids went to the toy room and I got to wonder around the store for a good hour by myself. What a special treat. And on top of it, we walked out without spending a dime!

On our way home, we saw another rainbow.

We got home just in time to take E and her friend M to their sewing class at the South Austin Rec. Center. They made really cool pillows tonight. I am super proud of how far they have come with their sewing and I know that she is really enjoying the class and learning the hobby with a friend.

Another busy day. I am wiped out and gonna hit the hay.

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Heather and Stephen said...

wow! You guys are truly making the very most of summer!!! :) Go M by himself! and awesome on the sewing E! YOU (KC) LOOK GREAT!!!! :)