Monday, July 7, 2008

June 26-29

JC's brother and his family came to visit from Reno. They were thinking that they might move back to Austin. After three long days and looking at a ton of houses, they decided that it would be best if they stayed in Reno. The Austin Carr Family is sad - but we understand that they've gotta do what is best for their family.

As always, all of the cousins got along famously. We also turn quite a few heads when we are together because all of the kids favor each other so much.

Jeff and Brent took the kids Geocaching. They found three different caches in the greenbelt behind our house.

Brent and his family Geo Cache pretty often in their area.

Looks like we might be purchasing our own GPS soon so that our family can do this too! The kids really loved it.

And a plus for S, they found lots and lots of airsoft pellets that fit in his pellet gun. He was thrilled because now he doesn't need to purchase any for a long time!

After the big treasure hunt, we took the kids to fountain plaza. As you can tell, they loved it!

Pretty weird to watch the teenager and almost teenager hang out together. I am used to seeing them play together as toddlers and kids - but it is so strange for me to watch them hang out as almost grown people.

J and M thought it was pretty clever that they made their pizza crust into the letter 'C'. Gotta love that Carr pride!

The next day, our good friends Ruth and Jamey were brave enough to invite ALL 7 Carr kids over to splash around in their pool. The water was perfect and all 9 kids got along really really well. It was also SO nice to put my 9 month pregnant self into the water. You just couldn't ask for a more perfect end to a really great visit.

Three 5 year old boys having a blast in the hot tub.

And three 8 year old girls - you know they must've been scheming something! :)

I guess that the only downside to this really great visit is that it makes us miss them even more. We are SO glad they got to come and hang for a few days though.

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Heather and Stephen said...

They do all really favor one another. and I can't get over how grown the cousins are.
That geo business is some crazy addiction, I hear!