Tuesday, July 8, 2008

July 7

A few notable things...

1. Ice Cream for breakfast. Everyone is a winner when mom is 37 weeks pregnant and hungry for ice cream before noon. Thank goodness for Baskin Robbins and our good friend Jay who always takes good care of us!

2. Round Rock $1 theatre. Half price Monday's. Two movies, 5 people, $5.00. You can't beat it. Today we saw Nim's Island and College Road Trip. Nim's was awesome, I slept through the College Road Trip. AJ got to join us cause she didn't have that baby yet - so it was like a double bonus! :)

3. Thunderstorms on a hot summer day. We saw FIVE different rainbows today. Yes, that's right, five!

4. Late night reading. I LOVE the summer. Jeff has been reading chapters to the kids every single night late into the night. They are getting close to the end of the 6th Harry Potter book. I know they will never forget family reading time.

J and M almost always fall asleep while he is reading. He will summarize what they missed tomorrow. E is crazy finger knitter while he reads. And S - well, he just lays there with his dog and soaks it all in.

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Heather and Stephen said...

love love love the reading time. what a great tradition. And as I recall, this has been going on a long time.