Thursday, February 23, 2012

how could i know

fancy dinner in galvez hotel
don't judge us cause we were drinking milk
after all, we were just babies
Today is our 21st wedding anniversary.
Wow - we did it.
Just like that, we got married.

When people ask if I would do it again, I never hesitate when I answer YES!!
I love Jeff.
Jeff loves me.
We both love our family.

Please don't confused my thought of never changing a thing with a perception that it has been a walk in the park.
It hasn't.
Marriage is hard.
Sometimes I would even go as far as saying that it is harder than parenting.
But that might not be true - parenting is just hard in a different way.  (another blog post coming)

And even through all of the hard times, I know that I never want to share any of this with another person.
We know each other.
Read it again...

We grew each other up.
We've seen the good and the bad.
We've made it through the joy and the sorrow.
I love him.

And I am willing to work through the hard.
I am willing to fight everyday for this marriage to work.
I am willing to make sacrafices.
I am willing to let my guard down.
I am willing to be real with my Jeff.

One of my girlfriends posted this quote the other day.
"86 percent of unhappily married people who stick it out find that, five years later, their marriages are happier. In fact, nearly 60 percent of those who rated their marriage as unhappy in the late 1980’s, and who stayed married, rated their same marriage “very happy” or “quite happy” when re-interviewed five years later. In comparison, those who divorced and remarried, divorced again at a rate of 60 percent."

I believe this.
How can you really taste victory when you haven't had to work to achieve it?
If it was easy, there would be no fun in doing it.
alvin sun-advertiser

I am so thankful for the last 21 years.
I wish I had been smart enough to document the days better.

I am excited for the next 21 years.
I will be snapping pictures and documenting enough to make my husband good and irritated.

Because I know that these times are worth documenting.
The good and the bad.

Because I love him so much.
And because there in no one that I'd rather spend the next 7,761 days with.


Antoinette said...

Happy Anniversary to you both! Great, great post, and awesome picture, milk and all. I have a lot to catch up on with your blog and your life. xo

Anonymous said...

I am sad that I missed this post. I love it!