Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sweet Hearts

I love holidays.
Any holiday makes me happy.
Valentines Day is no exception.

Wyatt spent the last week convincing us that he was having his birthday party, not a valentines party.
He had a blast celebrating at school.
sweet friends with a load of candy

Miles worked hard on his valentines box.  And with a little help from dad, his dream box came to life.  He did admit after school though that the classmates liked the box so much that it was a little bit of a distraction.
i eat valentines
Our sweet Ella received flowers at school.  The school orchestra had a fundraiser selling carnations for $2 each and you could send them to friends.  I can only imagine how proud she felt as walked through the junior high halls holding those flowers.
smartest fundraiser ever

And I am sure that it was even more of a valentines thrill when she received a flower from 'anonymous'.

stalker admirer

Sam's girlfriend gave him chocolates. 

And for dinner I picked out their favorite drinks and bought them each a small box of chocolates.
cream soda
green tea

We all had a nice time eating our yummy chocolates while watching Glee.
sun shine
all star
sweetie pie
number 1

All in all - it was a great family evening.
And I am so glad we were able to sit and be all together before I hit the road to Manvel again tomorrow.
Without even knowing, these people give me strength.
Which is the very best valentine gift ever.
all my valentines

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Anonymous said...

Good mama. I hate holidays. I did give the boys each a heart box of chocolates, though. I love that Sam and N both got chocolate from the gf's, not jewelry or cologne. I love that E got flowers, esp. from anonymous. Did your kids grow since the last time I saw them? geeze.