Wednesday, February 22, 2012

let the church say amen

I should be ashamed to say this, but I am being totally honest here.
And my current truth is that I haven't gotten anything done today because I have been watching tv.
Not just any program.
Oh no, I have been watching the Whitney Houston funeral.
Yes, I have it recorded.
Yes, I have already watched it once.

I just can't get enough.
I spent many many hours of my life listening to her sing to me.
I am sad that she is dead.
I rooted for her.

I kinda feel like we lived parallel lives.
Oh, except for the fact that I am not magazine beautiful, rich or famous.
But we both grew up in the church.
Every time the doors were open.
(Me, Whitney and Kevin Costner)
Her momma prayed for her.
My momma still prays for me.
Her family prayed for her.
My family prays for me.
I know that they do.

So besides my sadness about Whitney being dead at such a young age - I am also reliving part of my childhood by watching parts of this funeral over and over and over.

I grew up hearing people say 'home going'.
I grew up listening to the Winans.
I feel so lucky that my sweet little white momma from Alabama let me watch The Soul Train and that gospel music was playing on our radio all of the time.
Gospel and Country 24/7 365.  Still to this day.

So naturally, when the Winans came on and sang Tomorrow, I was singing every word at the top of my lungs and bawling my eyeballs out.  Of course, the kids looked at me like I was crazy.

But I love that song.
I always have.

So here ya go.
Two of my very favorite gospel songs.


It Is Well With My Soul
(I highly encourage you to watch this video.  Small explanation of how the song came to be - which is a very moving story.)

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