Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Day dreaming

this is the view as i stand at the kitchen window.
it is a beautiful view.
i am always so thankful that we live someplace so beautiful and natural.
it is such a beautiful and calm place to be.
most especially on days like this where it is rainy and everything is so so green.

someone once asked me if i ever felt like i live in a tree house.
sometimes, i do.

and then i turn to my right and this is what i see.
one and a half days worth of dirty dishes.
calm feeling gone.

and then i look to my left and this is what i see.
3 loads of clean clothes on the table.
800 loads of dirty laundry on the floor.
little boy with a very permanent marker in his hand.
and a dog that hopes these stinky piles of clothes never ever go away.

and i find myself daydreaming.
about the beach.
and the sun.
and vacation.

and somehow i end up spending hours and hours looking through these pictures dreaming of being here again.
with my people.
away from the dishes and the phones and the chaos.

i can hear the laughs.
the seagulls.
the bickering.  (keeping it real, folks)
i can feel the salty wind.
and the tightness of my sunkisses skin after a long day in the happy place.

and then the phone rings and i am brought back.
to the calm place looking out the window.
it is true, vacation is so nice.
but i guess when it comes down to it, it is good to be home.
i love home.

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