Monday, April 1, 2013

did someone say bunny?

we had a nice easter weekend.
saturday soccer games and garage sale kept us at home.
it was kinda a bummer to not see our family and it was also a nice change to just stay put.

most of the regulars came over for a little easter shindig on saturday night.
egg hunters
miles made a fantastic tie dye cake.  it turned out so dang good and was loads of fun to make.
i know you want some

we went to church sunday evening.
i thought it was so nice.
although some of the kids don't realize just yet that it was nice.
i think that someday they might look back at this journal of sorts and realize - oh, yeah.  my mom wasn't so mean after all and that church she made me go to was actually pretty cool.

at church they sang songs from handel's messiah.  and they also mixed it up with songs from the Quincy Jones version of handel's messiah.
it was so dang uplifting.

pastor jen spoke about the resurrection and how each day we can chose to resurrect ourselves and make a difference.
it wasn't a long sermon, there was no shouting from the pulpit or guilt trips laid down - but they were very powerful words.

i couldn't help but to cry when jen read from the bible that mary had gone to the tomb and jesus wasn't there.
mary's grief and joy overwhelmed me.

i also got a chuckle as i was reminded of peter denying his friend, jesus.
it is a story as old as time and yet i had to laugh at the relevance it has in my life and in our daughters lives even today.

all and all - it was a fantastic day.

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