Monday, April 15, 2013

Surround Me With Love

This morning Wyatt was upset because he thought his friends at school would make fun of his shoes because they are hand-me-downs that his brothers and sisters wore. He cried real and big tears.

This afternoon Jena was upset about her teacher saying she cheated on a test and deducting 10 points.

This evening Miles was upset because he was starving and he didn't like what I cooked for supper and he went to bed hungry.

Tonite Ella was upset because it is the last week of the six weeks and she is stressed and overwhelmed and she procrastinates.

Sam spoke between 10-15 words to us today. ALL DAY. TOTAL. COMBINED.

It doesn't end.
Sometimes it really sucks.
I am exhausted.
And I wouldn't change a single thing.
I love these kids so much and I am trying so hard.

As long as they know we love them and they are all I ever wanted.

The days have been long and a bit dark.
I must move forward and surround these people with love.

And in turn surround myself with love.
Every night without fail I close my eyes singing this song from my childhood. It comes out of nowhere and is like a security blanket in the long dark hours.


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