Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dead Already

I love poinsettias. I really do. But I can never buy myself a poinsettia. Because you see, if I buy myself a poinsettia then that would be the same as taking the money and throwing it out the window. Although if I threw the money out the window, maybe some sweet homeless person would catch it and go buy themselves a 40oz. And that would be actually helping someone. Oh geez - where am I going with this???

My friend Becky gave me a poinsettia for Christmas. It was a little bitty baby poinsettia, but I loved it like it was 10 feet tall. The kids knew as soon as they saw it that it would end up being one of my very favorite gifts of the season. They see me eye the poinsettia's at the store. I touch them. Turn them. Take pictures beside them. I really just love them.

Too bad that I am a poinsettia murderer. I am sorry Becky. My prized poinsettia is already dead. I tried. I mean really really tried. I loved her while she was alive.

Man - what a bummer.

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christy said...

Sam came home one time with a cute little baby rose plant. It was already in a pot. I cried because I knew...it would be dead very soon.
No plants in pots for me.