Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lesson Learned

I was recently hurt by a friend. A friend that doesn't even know that I know that they hurt me. Kinda crazy, huh?

You see, I needed help. I called out to a friend (in desperation) and asked the friend for a favor. Well, me being the one with mouth wide open, shared why I needed the help. The friend was so kind to help me in my afternoon 3 hours of need.

The downside is that the friend decided that it would be okay to tell others that I needed help and why I needed the help. I don't recall ever saying not to tell. But I assumed that this friend would know that since I don't normally make it a habit to share - or even talk to others - that I wouldn't want my words given freely to the happy to listen and share neighbors.

I am bummed.

Then others told others and then those others told their others, and low and behold, all of Melrose Place (er...Barton Hills) now knows why I asked for help. (I could be exaggerating a bit.)

What a total bummer.

I don't generally ask for help.

Asking for help isn't a bad thing.

The bad thing is opening my mouth when asking for said help.

Do I learn to keep my trap shut or not ask for help?

Hmmmm...I don't even know.

I do know, however, that gossip sucks. Most especially when it is told in a fashion very similar to the old school telephone game.

Who knew that belly dancers riding purple elephants could be spotted stepping off of space ships in my back yard.

But shhhhhh...I'd hate for the secret to get out.

And then there is that thing about forgiveness...



christy said...

That sux. I am sorry that has happened to you. That person will reap in due time.

BTW, the word verification says "uncest" Boggles the mind what that could mean.

Kim said...

To Sisterwife Number One -
At the risk of your loyal readers taking this information and running with it in a negative way, I say with great hesitation but the deepest of wisdom from a wise man..."there are children dying in Gaza."

The high school drama that has commenced is laughable. And I'm the closest one removed from H.S.!

I am very sorry all of this is happening.

Texicana said...

Sometimes we need to ask for assistance. At least you learned something valuable from this. You learned to never count on that person for help and to never tell them ANYTHING, never, ever, period. So I guess you should consider yourself lucky that you found out now regarding something relatively benign rather than later with a huge, superduper secret.

Texicana said...

Oh yes, I almost forgot. Be thankful that someone told you that the purported "friend in need" had exposed you. Now that is someone you can count on because you know they agonized over whether to tell you and then, how to tell you.

Anonymous said...

Having been unplugged in many ways and having no idea what this is about -- so I hava a different perspective. Whatever help you asked for -- the friend you called on was there for you and I trust you received what you needed...beyond that, do you truly think this person would betray a trust intentionally - and find pleasure or joy in that? that to me is the question -- mistakes and information sharing within a tight community (that you and your family love) happen. It's part of the territory. Now -- for future reference --- ask for confidences when that matters to you -- and get over the drama about what he/she said to them or those. From what you said --the friend who helped did not know there was a secret to be kept, and now is in trouble for not reading minds. I don't expect you to agree with me (for the record):) but know you won't talk about my comment behind my back...at least not with people we mutually know. ;)