Saturday, January 24, 2009

You Know Which Family

We always hear the comment that you know which family SBW belongs to. People often say how much our kids favor each other or that you can tell those Carr kids belong together.

Lately, I've been more aware. They do favor each other. They all have the same color eyes, which is not the same as me (brown) or JC (hazelish). They all have the same dotted nose.

I've made a little page for myself, to help me remember. Can you tell which is which?


Heather and Stephen said...

oooh, do one with all of them at age 1 or 2. THAT would be tough!

christy said...

CUTE! and I love how you put the answers on the bottom.

I CAN tell which one is which.

You should do a baby picture one of these.

Kim said...

Easy...challenge me KC! It is interesting to isolate their features though and see the resemblance up close.