Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I'm Selfish

And if that is what I am then so be it.

Gonna cry all day long. The kids went back to school today and I hate it. They are my friends. We have a good time together. I like them.

They L.O.V.E. school and I am glad. We've worked hard to get them into this school and this neighborhood. I am SO SO SO glad we are here.

I just miss them. I don't love the quiet house. Thank goodness for my SBW. If it wasn't for him, I'd prolly sit here and cry until 2:45.


Octamom said...

You know, there's always that homeschooling option thing--with a side of co-op if the kids want some classroom time--just sayin' ;o)

Enjoy your crying jag and kiss that sweet baby for me! The kids will be home in no time!

Amy J. said...

(((HUG))) ILY!

And I LOVE the new layout!

Texicana said...

I don't find missing your family selfish. Too bad more families aren't so bonded. You were born to be parents. I'm tickled to know you cherish your family each and every moment. Time is fleeting.

Love YOU!