Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bows Up

#1 has asked to play the violin for a really long time. Like since kindergarten or 1st grade really long time. We always said no because of piano lessons, guitar lessons, baseball, basketball, soccer, swimming, skateboarding. You name it, he's wanted to do it. Violin just didn't seem so practical.

Well, fast forward to 6th grade and he gets to play in the band or orchestra and pick his instrument. Go figure, he picked the violin. I even tried to change his mind by telling him how much fun band was - football games, road trips. I mean come on, his dad was the band president in high school. Why wouldn't you want to follow in his footsteps?

So we rent the instrument. He goes to class. He is THRILLED. He practices everyday. WITHOUT US TELLING HIM. How weird. I guess he really does like this violin thing. He even asked for a Yo-Yo Ma CD. Bizarro.

So then he gets wind of the Austin Youth Orchestra. He wants to try out. We let him. Whew...he makes it. Another thing to add to the list. He is busting because he is so excited. A few weeks ago, they had chair try-outs. I'm crossing my fingers that he doesn't get last. He's made a bet with his friend that if he gets last he has to bust out crying in the middle of orchestra. If the friend gets last, the friend gets to lick the floor. Nice, huh?

Monday night we got the results. Imagine my surprise when we found out he is first chair. And apparently when you are first chair violin, you are called the concert master. Well, who the hell knew? I am refusing to call him that at home. His friends are calling him Mr. Concert Master. Oh brother.

You can also imagine my surprise when a mom that I am friendly with came up to me during rehearsal to talk about my #1 being #1. Apparently there is some buzz about it amongst the parents because he is a skinny little white kid with messy hair and crumpled clothes. He doesn't fit the typical profile of a first chair violinist. At the risk of sounding ugly, there are 54 violinist in his orchestra and probably 75% of them are Asian and wearing private school uniforms to rehearsal.

I'm glad to know that I can add to the shock and amazement of the other parents by walking in with four other kids - one on crutches, a baby trying to rip off my shirt cause he thinks he is starving and a kid doing the dance cause he just can't hold it anymore. But what does it matter though because I am the mother of the concert master. hee hee.


Austin Sarah said...

Way to go #1! Let us know when there's a performance. I'd love to bring the kids.

Heather and Stephen said...

I LOVE THIS POST!! The whole thing. Lickin the floor! hahahaha!!!! He's awesome.

becky said...

That is 2 kewl!!! Tell him congrats!!!

Amy J. said...

That is FANTASTIC!!!!!!! WooHoo - way to go SC!! I'm so stinking proud I just might cry right now! You must be bursting! (PS - You MUST let us know when his first/next performance is - I would really hate to miss it!)

Christy said...

That is so awesome!

Texicana said...

We are busting with pride. All the children are superstars!

Katie said...

Having been that child who begged to play the violin at 7 and who ended up the concert mistress in her city's youth orchestra, I can tell you that your son is in for a wonderful experience that will help him throughout his life. I'm so glad you have supported him. Way to go both of you!