Friday, March 13, 2009

A Week in Pictures

I have so much to blog about. I just can't seem to catch up. I have a long long list of things that I wanna share, but I seem to be busy doing other things like looking for my keys for hours and hours. So I thought that I'd just do a week in pictures and then I could act like I've been a good blogger by making frequent posts. And I've gotta make it fast cause my honey just called and asked me out for lunch and YOU KNOW I don't wanna miss that!

So the very best babysitter came to town and took the kids for ice cream at Sandy's. These kids love that girl SO much. And the truth is, I do too. We love that we get to see her when she comes home. I love that she is such a good example for them and that they like to hang with her.

It is that time of the year! The Texas mountain laurel is in full bloom and it is beautiful. We call this E's birthday flower because it is usually blooming on her birthday. The flowers are about to be all gone, which is sad, but we sure do appreciate them while they are here!

Sno Beach opened last week. You gotta know that we have been waiting and waiting for it to happen! Oh you gotta love that Sno Beach. This was taken at 3pm - right after school. The line was L.O.N.G. long! You be happy to know that I took this picture for two reason - 1) to document our first visit this season and 2) to show the trash talkin' lady in the black dress at the window that was behind us with one of the most foul mouths you have ever heard. She walked up with a car full of her co-workers and proceeded to talk bad about her boss, her job and just about everything else that you can imagine and was very very well versed in the many uses of the 'f' word. Even I was a little shocked. I'm thinking to myself 'okay-you are in a snow cone line with a ton of kids, maybe you could get a clue!' When we got in the car, M said 'boy that lady said a lot of bad words!'

We've gone to the last couple of Austin Aztex games. They've been a ton of fun. #1 and his buddies like to get all jazzed up for them.

This is a good pic. of #1's best buddies and his soccer coach. We love our Coach Walli! And notice the red spray paint in the hair, it totally looked like lots and lots of blood when it was going down the drain. Both of the boys LOVED it! :)
Oh and look at how cute this little baby is. Can you even believe his is about to be 7 months old?!?!?!
Last week we had the air conditioner on. This week it is the heater and the fireplace. Geez Louise!
SBW fell asleep in his carseat sucking on a toy. This was just too cute to not include on the blog!

The cat is confused by the weather too. He mostly wants to stay inside and covered up these days. It is just too darn cold and rainy!

That's all I've got for now. Gonna go have lunch with my man. Will try to have something better tomorrow!


Texicana said...

Wow! What an eventful week you had! No. 2 is about to be 11!! Time does fly. BTW, you cracked up my big time with your photo of "trash talking lady." She's no lady though--strictly female. I'll try to be more aware of my mouth in the future when I'm around young uns. Thanks for making me aware that sometimes I'm "trash talking woman." LOL

Heather and Stephen said...

great week!! :)

Melanie said...

LOVE all of your photos. I also love the smell and beauty of mountain laurel. I wish it stayed aournd longer too!