Monday, March 2, 2009

And Now You Know...

Yesterday morning I got up kinda early and took #1 to Wal-Mart to get a case for his fancy dancy ooo-la-la autographed Matt Reis MLS card. For those of you that don't know, that is the same as an autographed baseball card - 'cept for it is Major League Soccer. Yowzers - how in the world did I become such a soccer mom?

Anyhoo...while at the Wal-Fart, I picked up the Sunday paper. I've bought it a few times in the last few weeks. I've been trying to clip coupons. I was so so so sad to see that Paul Harvey died. Of course, I knew that it would happen at some point - afterall, he was 90 years old. But gosh, it made me feel sad.

I have listened to him give the noon day news since I was little. I would turn the afternoon drive time radio on pretty often to hear him tell me the 'rest of the story'.

For me, there was something so natural about his voice and his way of delivering a message. As an adult, I would listen to him because I enjoyed it and because it was one of the things that I could do on a daily basis that reminded me of home. Listening to Paul Harvey makes me think of county roads, fresh vegetables, open windows and crawdad holes. It must be because of all of those years growing up with the kitchen radio on all day long and the country music always being in the background of everyday tasks.

Well, thank you Paul Harvey. Thank you for always telling me the rest of the story.

Oh, and on a side note, I have become the person that you hate in the grocery store. Guess how much I saved in the grocery store yesterday by using coupons and only shopping the ad. Guess! Oh yeah, that's right...$32.50. Thirty freakin' two fifty. Wahoo!!! Sonic happy hour sodas for everyone!!


Christy said...

#1 I saw that about Paul Harvey. We noticed there have been a lot of subs lately. N did his Paul Harvey imitation to honor him.

#2 How odd you would say this, i just saw a whole long rant on a discussion forum about that very thing. As my mom would say, they don't hate you, they're jealous. way to go!

Heather and Stephen said...

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