Friday, February 27, 2009


SBW has started eating. Yesterday I was in the 12% of American women whose babies are exclusively breastfeeding past six months. Today I am not.

He didn't NEED to eat food. It is just that he got a JAZZY new high chair from Momo and I felt like I needed to give him something to do while sitting in the chair. He didn't tell me that he was hungry, but I just couldn't stand it. Can you say 'starting the bad food habits young'?

Here is an OUTSTANDING article from latest edition of Oprah magazine. I don't normally jump on the breastfeeding band wagon, but this article is really great. Give it a read. I guarantee you will walk away feeling 7,260 times better about the people that we share this world with.

Oh, and by the way, the SBW is 6½ mos. old and weighs 17lbs and 4ozs. Now this I can pat myself on the back for. Go ME!!

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