Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sky Show

Tonight we had another great show in the sky. The clouds were incredible. I mean REALLY incredible.

They were all so 3-D like that it seemed I should be able to jump in the air and touch one. The pinkish/orangish glow and the visual texture made me feel like it was a huge line of cotton candy.
Becky and I were both snapping pictures of them during soccer practice. Krob was at her house snapping pictures. Seems like everyone was moved by this amazing gift of an evening sky.
And then before we knew it, the glow was gone and all of the clouds were just plain old gray again. Just like that, the sky went back to normal. Isn't that something?


HeatherRene said...


christy said...

I noticed those clouds yesterday, too! They were pretty cool. I am so bad, though, I never have my camera.

Greg's Wife said...

Truly beautiful! almost looks like fire and smoke!