Friday, February 6, 2009

Crawling or Hopping

I have always wanted to go on a pub crawl. I know a handful of people that do it on occasion, but none of my people do it. I guess if we are going out for drinks, we usually plop ourselves down in one place where drinks are cheap and sit for hours on end. Or just stay home.

So since I've got no one to pub crawl with, I've decided to start a restaurant hop with JC and Krob. We are thinking it'd be fun to go out to eat at a different restaurant once a week. Last week we had our favorite Chic Fil A (ooo la la).
This week, we went to Mike's Pub downtown. Mmmmmm - it was such a delicious juicy greasy hamburger and some yummy yummy fries.

Mike's Pub has been around since the 70's (I think), which is crazy because it can hold about 20 people. Multiple times we looked down the long and narrow row of booths only to see the line going out the door.

It has been sometime since Jeff and I have had one of these yummy hamburgers. We discovered it when I worked downtown. It is a pretty regular hangout for office types and isn't even open past 7pm. I love the fact that they still write down their orders on a yellow steno pad and scratch through it when your food is ready. I also love the fact that it is your responsibility to remember your own number.
While we were there this week, I overheard a guy at the counter enquiring about his food. The guy behind the counter said 'that old lady took your food, now you are going to have to wait for more'. It was so so so funny. And he was telling the truth, a white haired old lady took the wrong food. Oh well. The burger is worth the wait.
And on a side note, Sweet Baby Wyatt's really enjoyed his time downtown. I think he LOVED all of the sights and sounds. Maybe he is gonna grow up and be our city kid.


Amy J. said...

Me = Jeal-OUS!!!!! JJ and I always remark when we are down there, how we want to try Mike's, but alas, we are always down there after 7pm, or on a weekend, and Mike's is never open for us. Sad.

Heather and Stephen said...

How crazy is that? We have a Mike's Pub here, on post! I've never been, it isn't on our main post.