Wednesday, February 11, 2009

From my fridge

My cyber-friend cjane made a blog post about the front of her fridge. That got me to thinking about the front of ours.

I LOVE the front of our fridge. I know that JC would love to have a clean fridge, but he doesn't say a word about my cluttered up mess of love and art. Most all of these treasures have graced the front of our fridge for a handful of years. I am actually kinda nutty about it. My family adds things to the fridge as a secret little gift to me. I often find a chocolate wrapper with a touching saying or a little love note under a magnet that one of the kids has left for me.

I think a stranger could walk in and glance at our fridge and get a good sense of who I am. Oddly enough though, I don't have any pictures of JC or the kids on the front of the fridge. Oh, except for the picture of #2 when she was an infant because she had jet black hair and no one ever believes me and a photo booth strip of me and the girls on our night out to see the Cheetah Girls a few years ago.

I think that some folks are a little shocked the first time they come over and I catch them handing their kid my little troll doll from the fridge. Nope, not a kid toy, give me back my doll! And don't even try to play with my skeleton.

Oh, I just love the front of the fridge.


HeatherRene said...

I also love the front of your fridge! ours is not metal. Nothing is on it. Maybe I should tape stuff to it...

Kathy - mom of many said...

I do tape things on my fridge...and I don't like the way people think they can read my personal schedules and lists.